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Marans P90 D

SKU: Marans P90D

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Marans P90D, structure and door made of thermal insulating expanded PVC and transparent plexiglass window, temperature controller + humidity reading + digital display, automatic eggs turning, no.3 baskets with egg turning system with separators that can be organized for any type of egg.

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Discontinued model – access to spare parts guaranteed for 10 years

  • Incubator or hatcher / or both, with dynamic heat distribution by means of a fan.
  • Structure and door made of thermal insulating PVC foam Class A in white color, obtained from a flat panel machined with CNC machinery and profiled in aluminum and steel.
  • Large transparent plexiglass inspection window obtained in the door.
  • Automated system with servo-motor for automatic eggs turning (rotation by dragging).
  • No. 3 removable basket shelves complete with eggs turning grids and separators that can be organized according to the size of all the eggs (excluding emu, rhea and ostrich).
  • PID micro-computer controller (version D) with unified digital temperature and humidity sensor and minimum / maximum alarms, which reads and maintains the Temperature and only reads the Relative Humidity.
  • Manual humidity adjustment with water trays.
  • Full protection of electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Power from watt 290 and average consumption from 73 watt/hour.
  • Design and construction according to EEC standards.
  • Voltage Vac 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%.
  • 2 years warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • Shipped assembled and ready for use – Weight 22 Kg.
  • User manual with images to simplify learning and with temperature and humidity table according to the type of egg.
  • Total eggs capacity:
    • Hen – Duck – Domestic Turkey: 90
    • Pheasant – Guinea Fowl: 126
    • Red partridge (alectoris rufa): 189
    • Quail: 216
    • Goose – Giant Turkey – Peacock: 36
Weight 59 kg

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