MAINO INCUBATRICI was created in 1945 by Enrico Maino, followed by his son Adriano. Today as yesterday the same family “grandchildren and sons, Alfredo, Stefano and Roberto” is still the head of the company.

MAINO INCUBATRICI S.R.L. is a well-established company, one of the best manufacturers of Eggs Incubators and Hatchers in the last thirty years; looking for new commercial routes, it created the brand O3M by MAINO and has become once again a worldwide well-known manufacturer in this case of Ozone Generators for the environmental ecological sanitation of air and water in civil, military and industrial field.

The company is located in Oltrona di San Mamette (CO) close to the Swiss border and to the most important highways and roads and this allows it to reach easily and quickly the central-north European markets, exporting 80% of its production all over the world.

MAINO means creativity and technology in the breeding and ecology field through the creation of articles that joins new technologies with the customer’s needs. Its design is a mix of quality and functionality and this results in a better articles quality. All the machines are designed in the name of quality and functionality and stand out for their great originality and for the different available versions.

The MAINO INCUBATRICI S.R.L. family organisation, with its professionalism and with the high quality of its products, has gained the total trust of its customers.

Everybody at MAINO works paying attention to the quality of the products and of the service to the customers, above all in the Marketing and Research & Development departments in order to foresee the new trends of the market. A scrupulous Quality control reduces production wastes and the good managing of the warehouse allows to have a big set of articles always available to meet the customers’s demand.